Lachlan Street — investors paid back in full

Our project at 41 Lachlan St, Windale, NSW has been paid back in full, with investors receiving 100% capital and 8.5% p.a. income returns.

We’re thrilled to share the successful completion of our first specialist disability accommodation project in collaboration with developer Richard Williams at Lachlan Street, Windale. Richard has now refinanced with a long term lender, with NDIS participants now being selected to move into the property shortly.

A testament to Richard’s project management, this project finished well ahead of schedule, with the loan being repaid over five months early. This is also an opportunity to highlight a unique benefit of borrowing with CrowdProperty — Richard was not charged an early exit fee for being good at his job! We charge a single establishment fee for borrowers, and that’s it, no hidden fees. Many other lenders charge a fee for developers who finish their projects early, penalising them for success.

We look forward to seeing what’s next from Richard and his team.

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