Property developer’s guide to project finance

The financing challenges developers face

The financing landscape for Australia’s small-to-medium scale (SME) developers is full of challenges, given the long-standing failure of established institutions to adequately service their borrowing needs.

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What you'll learn in the Property developer’s guide to project finance

The property developer’s guide to project finance addresses the significant challenges faced by small-to-medium scale (SME) developers in Australia's financing landscape. From the experts at CrowdProperty — including CEO David Ingram and property director Daniel He — the guide offers insights into overcoming obstacles and accessing crucial funds for development projects.

  • SME developers encounter obstacles in obtaining finance due to shortcomings in traditional lending institutions.

  • Australia's housing affordability crisis presents opportunities for SME developers to contribute to meeting government targets.

  • Speed, expertise, and certainty are paramount for developers when selecting financing partners.

  • Understanding the capital stack is essential in navigating project finance, with components such as common equity, mezzanine debt, and senior loans.

  • Various financial products cater to different stages of the development process, from site acquisition to project completion.

  • Project viability assessment involves market understanding, clear exit strategies, and assembling the right team.

  • Considerations in choosing a finance partner include cost of funds, knowledge, support, and transparency.

  • Top tips for successful development applications include due diligence, demographic alignment, clear exit strategies, and selecting the right financier.

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