Private debt investments for investor clients and SMSF

Private debt investments

Invest in direct property finance for income returns

Private debt funds, once exclusive to wholesale investors, are now becoming mainstream and accessible to all investors, starting from as little as $2,500 initial investment.

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Why Choose Private Residential Real Estate Debt Funds?

Accountants find private residential real estate debt funds attractive for several reasons. Since our launch in Australia in 2021, accountants have introduced investor and developer clients to CrowdProperty, and here's why:

  • Specialist Finance: CrowdProperty assists your clients with specialist finance for construction, renovation, bridging, and project exit.

  • Income Returns Above Inflation: Investors seeking income returns above inflation can benefit from CrowdProperty's offerings.

  • ATO SMSF Statistics: Seize opportunities to diversify SMSF investments. ATO statistics indicate that 43% of SMSFs hold three or fewer assets, emphasizing the importance of greater diversification.

What are Private Debt Funds?

In essence, private debt funds, regulated by ASIC, share similarities with old-style mortgage trusts. Today, they operate in the form of a managed investment scheme. Issued by non-bank lenders like CrowdProperty, these funds provide new sources of financing for commercial purposes, meeting the increasing demand for income and protection from inflation.

Invest in direct property finance for income returns

CrowdProperty specializes in providing project loans to small-scale property developers, empowering them to construct more homes. Retail, wholesale, and institutional investors, including SMSFs, can invest in short-term project loans with terms between six and 18 months. All loans are secured by a first mortgage.

Who Can Invest?

  • Australians over 18 years old: Individuals of legal age are eligible to participate in CrowdProperty's investment opportunities.
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs): SMSFs can benefit from the diverse investment options offered by CrowdProperty.
  • Other Trusts (e.g., discretionary trusts): Various trust structures, including discretionary trusts, are welcome to join CrowdProperty.
  • Companies: Corporate entities can explore and engage in CrowdProperty's accessible investment platform.
  • Retail, wholesale, and institutional investors
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  • First Mortgage Security: CrowdProperty only offers first mortgage secured loans, prioritizing security for investors.

  • Proven Track Record: CrowdProperty has a successful track record, having lent over $685m (£357m) with 100% capital and interest paid back in the UK.

  • Focused on Quality Residential Development: CrowdProperty Australia focuses on lending to quality small-scale residential development projects valued between $250,000 and up to $5m.

How It Works:

  1. View Projects: Access our projects page and select a live project loan of your choice.

  2. Pledge Money: After completing the application process, select the ‘pledge to this project’ button, specify your pledge amount, and the account from which you would like your pledge to come.

  3. Transfer Funds: Once your account has passed our identification checks, we will let you know when to transfer your funds, usually 1-4 weeks post-launch.

  4. Receive Updates: Stay informed with the status of project loans in your platform dashboard.

  5. Capital + Interest: When a project is completed, and the borrower has repaid the loan, capital and interest are returned to your account. You can elect to reinvest the capital and interest into another project loan.

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