Make your SMSF work harder

Consider CrowdProperty as an investment for your Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)

Superannuation is a long-term investment that will help us live a comfortable life in retirement. However, prolonged record low interest rates may put a dent in our retirement aspirations.

With CrowdProperty, you can earn up to 8.5% pa* target income return over a 6 to 18 month loan term secured with a first mortgage security.

CrowdProperty offers an alternative to other SMSF property investments

As of 31 December 2020, there was approximately $119.4 billion invested in Real Property in SMSFs. This figure was comprised of $41.3 billion invested in Residential Real Property and $78.1 billion invested in Non-residential Real Property.

The average investment in Residential Real Property was approximately $695,530 and in Non-residential Real Property $1,315,280.

With CrowdProperty, you can invest from a minimum of $10,000. You can also invest in a variety of different projects.

Source: ATO SMSF Quarterly Statistics 31 December 2020

Why invest in CrowdProperty?

CrowdProperty is a specialist property marketplace lending platform which facilitates loans between private individuals, trusts and companies and professional property businesses. Loans are for property development projects ranging from new builds to structural renovation.

CrowdProperty only offers first mortgage secured loans.

First Mortgage Secured Loans rank over any other form of loan in terms of the repayment of capital and interest.

In the event of a loan default, the first mortgage secured loans will have priority when the property is sold to repay investors capital and interest.

set up

Register to set up your account to view Project Loans. Complete the Application process as a SMSF to be able to Pledge to a Project Loan.


Choose which Project Loans you would like to invest in. Make a Pledge from a minimum investment of $10,000 in a Project Loan


Transfer the amount you pledged to the Trustee’s nominated account


On project completion, capital and interest is returned to you or can be reinvested.


Reinvest your capital and interest in other Project Loans that are available on the CrowdProperty Platform.