Accountants and advisors - how your wholesale clients can benefit from property project investments

Accountants and advisors - how your wholesale clients can benefit from property project investments

CrowdProperty Australia offers residential property development investment opportunities through a rigorous due diligence process.

CrowdProperty Australia works with accounting firms, wealth advisors, SMSF advisors, family offices and more to offer an investment opportunity to their wholesale clients. For example, we recently worked with an accounting firm whose clients collectively funded $1m of a project.

Here’s a summary of the CrowdProperty Australia value proposition:

  • CrowdProperty is an Australian online marketplace platform providing project loans to residential SME property developers
  • Loans are funded by investment from wholesale investors, including SMSFs, trusts, and institutional investors
  • Residential property project GRVs range from $250k to $5m with finance up to 70% LVR
  • All project loans are directly originated offering unique investment opportunities
  • All project loans are secured by first mortgage
  • Project loans earn up to 7% p.a. target income returns*
  • Projects typically run from 6-18 months
  • Approved wholesale investors can pledge from $10,000 against projects
  • At the heart of the business is actual property experience (over 100 years on the credit committee), meaning hands-on, expertise-led due diligence and loan monitoring

What are the benefits for investors (you and your clients)?

The key benefit to you and your clients is that every property project CrowdProperty Australia selects to finance is subject to a comprehensive 57-point due diligence check process. This rigorous due diligence assessment process does two key things:

  • Saves you time and money— it enables investment in property projects without the huge time cost to assess the quality of the developer and project
  • Offers higher quality and lower risk projects — We are exceptionally selective in the projects we fund to aim to ensure the right balance between risk and reward for our investors. Between May and August 2021, we assessed over $120m worth of projects, funding only three.

Also setting the benchmark in expert curation and due diligence is that CrowdProperty UK (joint venture partner with Australia) has assessed over £4.5B in projects over seven years and only financed 3% to date, with a 100% investor payback record.